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GIOVANNI 3.0.8 Release Notes

Release Notes for the 3.0.8 Giovanni software promotion

The new Giovanni Release 3.0.8 includes several usability enhancements.   

One of the most important changes users will note in Release 3.0.8 is that the visualization (plot) preferences are now available on the same page that the initial spatial, temporal, and dataset selections are made.    Previously, user plot preferences could only be entered following the generation of a visualization using default settings.    In this release, plot preferences can be entered before generating an initial visualization.    Furthermore:

  • the Plot Preferences panel that the user sees will be based on the selected visualization type;   and
  • the Plot Preferences panel can be easily opened or closed.

The spatial selection map has several new features that should make it easier to use and allow the selection of different mapping criteria quickly and easily.   These new features include:

  • new icons for map controls;
  • an easier-to-use map zoom capability;
  • different layers can now be selected:   these include country names, state names in the United States, and political boundaries;  and
  • controls for quick centering on the Greenwich Meridian or International Date Line.

Also in Release 3.0.8:

  1. Several enhancements have been made to improve the compatibility and usability of Giovanni with Internet Explorer.
  2. Once the user makes a map selection, this selection will persist for subsequent queries.
  3. The user selection map now works better for selected areas that cross either the Greenwich Meridian or International Date Line.


  • Refinements have been made in the A-Train, MERRA 2D, MERRA 3D, and OMIL2G instances.
  • The MERRA instances now link to the MERRA chapter in the Giovanni Online Users Manual.


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