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Giovanni Release Notes

Release Notes for the Giovanni software promotion

Fetcher Re-engineering (for gridded data products)


The re-engineered data fetcher has several new capabilities, including

  • handles more data formats;
  • fetches data via more data accessing methods;
  • is better modularized for easily debugging;  and
  • includes better plug-in capability for handling new data formats and data accessing methods.

The new fetcher now has two service steps, including:

  1. G3Fetcher
    • Giovanni-3 database (DB) search
    • Get data:  capable of fetching data through the following data access methods:
      • ftp
      • OPeNDAP
      • HTTP
      • OTF (call DISC subsetter)
      • WCS
    • Current build-in data handler:
      • HDF4
      • HDF5
      • NetCDF
      • Simple binary
      • GRIB (through OPeNDAP)
  2. G3Data (data processing)
    • Latitude orientation
    • Dimension order
    • 0-360° data handling
    • Scaling
    • Setting fill value
    • Special/fake dimension handling (such as for TRMM)
    • Irregular dimension handling
    • Improved file name convention
    • Improved cache directory structure (added date as subdirectory)

New Instances and Improvements to Existing Instances

1. New datasets added to Giovanni TOVAS:

  • TRMM_3B42RT
  • TRMM_3B41RT
  • TRMM_3B40RT
  • TRMM_3B42_Daily
  • Willmott_Monthly


2. Improved AIRS Instances

  • AIRS_Level3Month
  • AIRS_Level3Daily

The parameter “CH4 volume mixing ratio_ascending (CH4_VMR_eff_D)” has been fixed and is now added to these instances.

3. Improved Aerosol Instances:

  • aerosol_monthly
  • aerosol_daily

GOCART V006 products were added to these instances.  GOCART data is now available through 12/31/2007;  the previous version ended on  12/31/2006.

4. Improved NEESPI Instance



5. A-Train:   

Turned atrain lineage page on.


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