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You are here: GES DISC Home Giovanni - Interactive Visualization and Analysis GIOVANNI 3.0.1 RELEASE NOTES


Release Date

May 25, 2007

General Changes

  1. New instances: AIRS Daily and MODIS Daily
  2. Time Series enhancements: area weighting and Y-Range adjustments
  3. Land/Sea masking for Time-Averaged Lat-Lon Maps
  4. Difference of Time-Averaged Lat-Lon Maps
  5. Simple bifurcated workflows. Allows for a limited network iin the workflow instead of simple linear chaining. Used in the A-Train instance.
  6. Complex parameeter selections in the interface and ability to build the selections in the Giovanni Configurator.
  7. A new strip image feature which displays an area map image along the orbital track in conjunction withcurtain plots. This capability is supported by items 4 and 5 above. This strip image capability is being made available in the A-Train instance.
  8. JavaScript animations with enhanced interface to allow the looping speed to be adjusted; view one image at a time, jump to first, last, or any image; play once or loop forward, backward, or swing.
  9. Pre-defined color scale and pre-defined color palette.
  10. Fixes for the data/time labels for time series plot.

Instance Specific Changes

AIRS Daily

  • URL:
  • Changes
    • This is the first release of AIRS Giovanni Version 3 to the general public. The beta version had been previously presented at the AIRS science team meeting in March 2007.
    • With-HSB AIRS Level-3 data is added to this instance such that users can make comparisons between with-HSB and without-HSB to see the impact of HSB in the quality of retrievals.
    • This version of G3 instance does not include profile data at this time. It is pending on the availability of a GUI component: the profile picker. It is expected to be ready in June 2007 time frame. In the mean time, users can still plot vertical profiles and cross-sections in G-2 AIRS instance.
  • Caveats
    • The with-HSB data is only available between August 30, 2002 and February 5, 2003. The HSB instrument failed after that.
    • AIRS OLR (not clear-sky OLR) has been excluded from the parameter list. Due to software glitches, this product is deemed as unfit for science use. It will become available again in the next data release (V5).


  • URL:
  • Changes
    • This is the first release of MODIS Giovanni Version 3.
    • Provides access to collection 5 daily data from both Terra & Aqua (as well as the access to collection 4 provided in G-2).
    • Provides access to additional parameters not included in G-2 MOVAS Daily (e.g.: Angstrom Exponents over Land & Ocean, Mass Concentrations over Land & Ocean, Scattering Angle, Water Vapor above Cloud).
    • Aerosol Fine Mode Fraction renamed Aerosol Small Mode Fraction.
    • For full list of features, please view our MOVAS Users Manual.
  • Caveats
    • Aerosol Small Mode Fraction is only available through the Animation service at present. This will be corrected with the next release.
    • Cloud Fractions are unavailable for MODIS Terra Collection 4.
    • Differing collections have differing temporal ranges:
      • Terra data starts in February 2000.
      • Aqua data starts in July 2002.
      • Collection 5 data runs up to the present.
      • Collection 4 runs only into summer 2006.
    • Land-Sea Masking is currently unavailable. We are working on it and it will be available soon.
    • Data Lineage is not currently available, but will be upcoming in future releases.


  • URL:
  • Changes
    • Added global GPCP monthly precipitation product of 1x1 degree resolution for the period of January 1979 to present. This product was derived from original GPCP monthly product of 2.5x2.5 degree resolution.
    • Implemented enhanced time series service with a) area weighting method to calculate area mean; b) allow overlays of two or more curves; c) y-axis is adjustable if parameters have same unit.
    • Implemented enhanced scatter plot service that a) enables to turn on and off a linear fitting line and includes useful statistical information; b) x-axis and y-axis are adjustable if parameters have same unit.
    • Implemented enhanced lon/lat map plot service to allow customizing color bars
    • Improved default color bar setting for Fire product.
    • Implemented enhanced animation service that can adjust loop speed, and download images frame by frame.
    • Fixed Caveats or problems in previous release.

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