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Release Date

March 5, 2007

General Changes

  1. This is the first release of Giovanni Version 3 (G3). The first instance of G3 is for the A-Train Data Depot.
  2. Giovanni 3 visualizations and analyses are handled viaasynchronous processing requests which use a workflow framework to string together atomic Giovanni 3 services.
  3. Most of the features available in current Giovanni 2 instances are available in Giovanni 3 as services. These will become available over the next several months.
  4. Giovanni 3 processing, being asynchronous, displays for the user the status of processing requests (usually, requests for visualizations). Status is also available via RSS feeds which may be more useful for some users.

Instance Specific Notes



  • URL:
  • Changes
    1. This is the first release of A-Train Giovanni.
    2. Features CloudSat reflectivity and received echo power data and MODIS temperature and humidity profile data along the CloudSat track.
    3. Features curtain plot visualization in which vertical profiles are displayed along the CloudSat track.
  • Caveats
    1. It is sometimes possible that the User may get an error message after parameter and other selections are made and the service is triggered by clicking on the run service button. In these cases, please refresh your browser (hit reload button) to see the plots.
    2. Detailed description and documentation of the various features of this A-Train instance (service descriptions etc.) are being worked on and we expect to make them available shortly.
    3. A-Train visualizations are the final result of a sequence of operations or manipulations made to the CloudSat, MODIS and other data. The "Data Lineage" or the details of the various manipulations made to the data during the workflow will be available shortly.
    4. Currently the plot pages allow dynamic changes to the X-axis and Y-Axis ranges only if one parameter is chosen in the main A-Train interface. We are working on extending this when more than one parameter is selected from the main A-Train interface.
    5. The graphic on the main A-Train interface page depicts orbital tracks (Ascending or Descending) of CloudSat. For the case of descending orbits, the graphic may be missing a portion of the last descending orbit for a given day. This typically occurs over the continent of Africa. This will be fixed in the next release.
    6. There are some days on which CloudSat Data may not be available and an error message will result on clicking the run service button. Please try other days.
    7. When switching to another data day or projection, you may need to click on the map to ensure that the system accepts the new criteria.
  • Plans for Next Release
    1. Data lineage information describing each step in the processing chain and documenting all input and output products for each processing step.
    2. Cloudsat profile data plotted with a vertical pressure axis.
    3. The ability to zoom vertical and horizontal axes of the profile image plots without re-reading the original input data.
    4. A new service to plot level 1,2 orbital swath data (eg MODIS, AIRS) which have been co-located with the Cloudsat ground track. These data strips will be displayed below the CloudSat profile image plots.
    5. A new Giovanni instance supporting Aqua MODIS profile data colocated with the Aura MLS ground track.
    6. MODIS Aqua and CloudSat data availability reconciliation. These data are coming from two different processing centers, and mechanisms are under developement to deal with holes in data collections, and show most recent data.
    7. Server-side problems that may cause longer than normal waits in downloading orbital tracks to the user interface.
    8. Various documentation covering this A-Train Giovanni instance: service description, the work flow and related data manipulation description, and parameters documentation.
    9. Making available data from the intermediate steps of the work flow, so that Users can download subset data shown on the plots.
    10. Adding more flexibility in adjusting pressure/altitude, time, and parameter dynaimc ranges, thus providing better zooming-in capabilities. These are now available for one parameter selection only.
    11. For the case of descending orbits, the user interface is missing a portion of the last descending orbit. This typically occurs over the continent of Africa.


  • URL: (temporary link only; a new one will be supplied later)
  • Changes
    • This is the first release of NEESPI Giovanni.
    • For list of features, please view our NEESPI Users Manual.
  • Caveats
    • In creating time series, the method used in current version is the simple arithmetic mean, which is different from the area weighting used in some other Giovanni instances.
    • In scatter plot, all selected parameters should have data during selected time period, otherwise, it may fail. For example, if “Aerosol Optical Thicknessâ€? from both MOD08_M3.004 and MYD08_M3.004 are selected, the selected time range is from May 2002 to August 2002, it will fail to generate image since MYD08_M3.004 is available starting July 2002. This problem will be fixed in the next release.
    • In animation function, the default plot range of each image is dynamic, meaning the min/max color values are calculated from its valid data range. Therefore, these values may be different from one image to another. To fix the plot range, you need to set the option “color bar typeâ€? to be “customâ€? and set the min/max color values at the bottom of the result page, then submit refinements to recreate image.
    • The snow and ice products in cryosphere group cover northern hemisphere only. Some functions may fail if you have selected an area in (or include) the southern hemisphere.

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