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What is Giovanni 3?

Giovanni 3 is our next generation Giovanni. It is still in active development, but already it has major enhancements over the current Giovanni 2. Giovanni 3 is based on a new architecture that provides users with a large number of enhancements. These are shown below.

While Giovanni 3 evolves, wecontinue to maintain our current Giovanni 2 instances.

Improved Performance
Giovanni 3 architecture takes advantage of caching by saving intermediate results. Thus, if you get a plot and want to make some changes to it (e.g. changing the color palette), Giovanni doesn't start all over again. It uses the data it fetched before and merely modifies the image rendering. For big requests (such as time series over a five years of daily data), Giovanni 3 is very fast.
No More Session Time-Outs
Giovanni 3 architecture is inherently asynchronous as opposed to Giovanni 2 which is synchronous. This means that processing can extend beyond a single HTTP session. This means thatGiovanni 3 can allow users to do analysis and visualizations over much longer time periods and with higher resolution data than they could before. For normal Giovanni activities, the response is still quick. But if a request does require more time, you will be provided with a RSS feed to monitor the status of your request.
Saved User Preferences
In addition to providing users with new preferences, Giovanni 3 allows users to save these preferences to their local machine so that they can be reused the next time.
New, Cleaner Interface
Giovanni 3 instances sport new and cleaner interfaces that nonetheless retain the simplicity and intuitiveness of the older Giovanni 2 interfaces.
New Visualizations
Giovanni 3 plans to support all the visualizations of Giovanni 2, but in addition, Giovanni 3 can support more sophisticated visualizations such as the along track vertical "curtain" plots available in the A-Train Giovanni.
More Level 2 Data
Giovanni 3 has better support for handling Level 2 (non-gridded) data. Expect to see more Level 2 data as we add more data to Giovanni.
Data Lineage
An important aspect of any online data analysis and visualization tool is data lineage. Through Giovanni's data lineage feature, you can drill down into the data transformations performed so that you know exactly how a plot was made. Each transformation and visualization is accompanied by detailed information on the algorithm used as well as on any limitations or caveats.
Product Download
Giovanni 3 allows you to download intermediate files via the download feature. An intermediate data file in HDF4 format is produced after each transformation and is available for download. Thus, if you ask for a time series plot, you can download the data just after it was fetched from the source or after they were area-averaged or after any regridding or just before the data were prepare for rendering a plot. If you don't like HDF4, you can download the data in ASCII instead. Other formats will be available later as well.
Web Services Based
Giovanni 3 is based on a services-oriented architecture (SOA). This means that Giovanni services (such as regridding, averaging, image rendering) can be offered as a standard SOAP Web Services. We will be providing this feature in the near future.

Online Giovanni 3 Users Manual

Giovanni 3 is supported by a Giovanni 3 Online Users Manual. We are continually improving and extending the information provided in this manual and we encourage your feedback.



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