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Release Date

March 27, 2007

General Changes

  1. This is the first official release of Giovanni Version 3.
  2. New gridded data services including:
    1. Lat-Lon Map, Time-averaged
    2. Animations
    3. Latitude-Time Hovmoller Diagram
    4. Longitude-Time Hovmoller Diagram
    5. Scatter Plot
    6. Time Series
  3. New support for generation of geo-referenced curtain plots of MODIS along CloudSat data.
  4. Data download of intermediate data, including ASCII output for gridded data.
  5. Enhanced database scheme with additional integrity constraints.

Instance Specific Changes




  • URL:
  • Changes
    • This is the first operational release of NEESPI Giovanni.
  • Caveats
    • In creating time series plots, the method used in the current version is a simple arithmetic mean which is different from the area weighting used in some other Giovanni instances.
    • In the scatter plot, all selected parameters need to have data over the selected time period. Otherwise, it will likely fail. For example, if Aerosol Optical Thickness from both MOD08_M3.004 and MYD08_M3.004 are selected and the selected time range is from May 2002 to August 2002, it will fail to generate an image since MYD08_M3.004 is only available starting in July 2002. This problem will be fixed in the next release.

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