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Giovanni-3 Operation Technical Summary: Time-Series Rendering

Time-Series Rendering

This service creates a time-series of input data; data values for a given period are plotted against time. The data may be discrete single values (usually daily observations) or averaged values (8-day or monthly data). The time-series data are averaged over the user-selected input area.

Input parameters: Geophysical variables

Output Description: Time-series of geophysical variable (data value as a function of time)

Output Parameters: Same as input parameters

File Type: Time-series plot.

Algorithm Details: The operation can plot multiple variables on a single plot when needed. In case of multiple-variable plots, lines are identified by line colors as well as marks of different styles. A new y-axis is plotted for each variable.

This Technical Summary page is under development -- for information on this operation while
the document is being prepared, please send a message to GES DISC Help.

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