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Giovanni-3 Operation Technical Summary: Altitude-Pressure Conversion

Altitude-Pressure Conversion

The Giovanni-3 Altitude Pressure Conversion operation takes a series of swath HDF4 files and Global Data Assimiliation System (GDAS) ancillary (pressure isobar) HDF-EOS files as input, and creates a corresponding series of HDF4 output swaths. The swaths may vary in the number of scan lines, and the bin elements may vary in size.

The output swaths contain a supplemental Scientific Data Set (SDS) called 'GeoHPressure' which is evaluated via application of a selectable algorithm (simple interpolation or barometric interpolation).

While scan line and bin dimensions are provided by the input HDF, the algorithm selection must be specified in the Giovanni-3 workflow XML. The algorithm makes use of the input swath 'Altitude' SDS and the input GDAS ancillary pressure isobar, geopotential height, and temperature SDSs to generate the new 'GeoHPressure' SDS.

This Technical Summary page is under development -- for information on this operation while
the document is being prepared, please send a message to GES DISC Help.

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