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Giovanni-3 Operation Technical Summary: Profile Renderer

Profile Renderer

This service creates a vertical profile plot of input data; data values for a given date nearest to a selected point are plotted with the X-axis representing the geophysical value and the Y-axis as altitude in pressure units. Between 1 and 6 profiles (default is 3) are displayed on a single plot, including precission error bars.

Input parameters: Geophysical variable

                              Precision values




Output Description: Vertical Profile of geophysical variable for date

                                Nearest measurements to lat/lon point

Output Parameters: Same as input

File Type:
Input: Level 2 profile data from HDF file
Output: Vertical Profile plot image

Algorithm Details: The operation will plot between 1 and 6 profiles on a single page, with error bars. Each profile is identified by its own color. User can optionally turn off error bar display.

This Technical Summary page is under development -- for information on this operation while
the document is being prepared, please send a message to GES DISC Help.




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