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Giovanni-3 Operation Technical Summary: Two Dimensional Map Plot

Two Dimensional Map Plot

The Giovanni-3 Two-Dimensional Map Plot operation creates two-dimensional plots with one plot for each selected science parameter. This service does not manipulate the data mathemtically in any way. The plots include latitude-longitude plot, latitude-time and longitude-time Hovmöller diagrams, vertical profiles (pressure-latitude and pressure-longitude plots), correlation plot, sample size, plot, difference plot, and animation plot.

Plot preferences are inputs to this operation. These plot preferences include Image X and Y size, three color modes(pre-defined, dynamic and customized), 29 color palettes, and parameter minimum and maximum values.


The inputs to this service are two dimensional data, normally Scientific Data Set (SDS) objects in HDF files. It is acceptable if the SDs have more than two dimensions, as long as there are only two dimensions that have sizes larger than 1 (the rest must have sizes of 1).


Theoutput from this operation consists of GIF image files (one per parameter selected). Date and time information on each image file is also created, if it is available from the inputs.

Software and Algorithm

This operation uses Grid Analysis and Display System (GrADS) mapping and graphical rendering routines. A separate GIF file is made for each data object in input files.

This Technical Summary page is under development -- for information on this operation while the documentation is being prepared, please send a message to GES DISC Help.


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