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Typhoons spin in tandem in the Pacific Ocean

Animation of tropical storm Talas and super typhoon Nanmadol; Nanmadol's rain track

Typhoons spin  in tandem in the Pacific Ocean

Typhoon Talas nears the southern islands of Japan in this MODIS image from September 2, 2011

Typhoons spin  in tandem in the Pacific Ocean

While hurricane Irene and tropical storm Lee were wreaking hydrological havoc on the southeastern and east coast states of the United States, typhoons and tropical storms were spinning in the western Pacific as well.  Typhoon Talas, which was a tropical storm for much of its existence, caused significant damage and fatalities from heavy rainfall in Japan.   Landslides and flooding made Talas the deadliest storm to hit Japan since 2004, with preliminary damage estimates near $600 million dollars.

Super Typhoon Nanmadol, which preceded the formation of Talas by just a few days, produced heavy rainfall in both the Philippines and Taiwan, causing flooding, power outages, and coastal erosion.  Nanmadol was also a concern for mainland China, but lost strength before making landfall.

The Giovanni data portal featuring 3-hour near-real-time precipitation data from the Tropical Rainfall Measuring Mission (TRMM) Multi-Sensor Precipitation Analysis (TMPA-RT) was used to generate a lifetime track for Super Typhoon Nanmadol over the period August 20-31, 2011.  This track clearly shows the intensification of rainfall that occurred over southern Taiwan, which was a significant concern for the Taiwanese authorities.

 Typhoon Nanmadol rain track


The animation below was produced with the GES DISC Hurricane Data Analysis Tool (HDAT).  HDAT provides animations of merged infrared (IR) data from geostationary meteorological satellites.  In the animation below, Nanmadol is the storm to the west with the well-defined eye when it is near the northern Philippine island of Luzon, and Talas the storm to the east. 

Animated GIF of typhoons Nanmadol and Talas

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