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Online visualization and analysis of GLDAS products in Giovanni

Users can visualize, analyze, and access GLDAS products in Giovanni, a simple and intuitive online data visualization and analysis system.

 Giovanni is a Web-based application developed by the GES DISC that provides a simple and intuitive way to visualize, analyze, and access vast amounts of Earth science remote sensing data without having to download the data. All 1.0° GLDAS products from the four land surface models:  Mosaic, Noah, CLM (Community Land Model), and VIC (Variable Infiltration Capacity), are available from the GLDAS instance in Giovanni.    A screen capture of the interface page is shown below.



GLDAS Giovanni users simply select one or more of the data parameters, spatial and temporal ranges, and the visualization that they wish to utilize.  Seven visualization analyses are available in the current GLDAS instance:  animation; lat-lon map (time-averaged)'  correlation map;  lat-lon map (time-averaged differences)'  scatter plot; scatter plot (time-averaged);  and time-series.  More advanced visualization capabilities will be added in the future.  The example shown below illustrates the use of the lat-lon map (time-averaged differences) with the Average layer 1 soil moisture data product.   This example shows the difference in estimates from the Noah and VIC models for the year 2008.  (Click the image to see it larger.)



Output from the visualization analyses is available in several different formats:   HDF, netCDF, ASCII, and KMZ.  The KMZ file option allows researchers to view the GLDAS data in Google Earth by downloading the KMZ files under the “Download Data” tab. Below is an example of Average layer 1 soil moisture data, estimated from the VIC model, as visualized in Google Earth.



More details about Giovanni can be found in the Giovanni Online User's Manual.

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