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New discipline-oriented search capability in Mirador

New method is a different way to view and search GES DISC data sets

Mirador, the GES DISC Earth Science Search Tool, now offers another view of GES DISC data sets, using the new Science Areas tag.

Added to the Keyword Search and Project Tree interfaces, this new "drill-down" interface allows users to find data sets organized according to the physical properties measured in the data.

Drill-down begins with the NASA science Focus Areas for Earth.

Each area has an associated set of physical property categories, and within each category are the GES DISC data sets associated with each physical property in that category. For example, the Water And Energy Cycles area contains the Clouds category, under which the Cloud Fraction physical property contains the data set for version 5 of the "AIRS/Aqua Level 3 daily standard physical retrieval product (Without HSB)", also known as AIRX3STD.005.

After drilling down to a data set, the user can drill-down further to coverage for a particular date, or perform a search for a particular range of dates and spatial coverage. Description is provided at each level of the particular discipline or dataset. Mirador offers the same services in this interface as it does in the keyword search and Projects drill-down interfaces. Note that since some data sets contain many parameters, often the same data set can be found using several different drill-down paths, reflecting the fact that data sets can contain measurements relevant to a number of different research disciplines.

The new Science Areas interface makes it easier for researchers to find data sets in their area of interest. The Science Areas tab is our new Beta release of a navigation interface for archived GES DISC data.

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Last updated: Sep 09, 2009 02:27 PM ET