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User images from Giovanni's global community

New page on the GES DISC Web site features images from the global Giovanni user community

User images from Giovanni's global community

Erythemal Daily Dose, United States, Memorial Day, May 25, 2009

User images from Giovanni's global community

The Giovanni data analysis system built by the GES DISC is utilized around the world by an increasing number of scientists, as well as teachers, students, and members of the scientifically-literate public.    The list of peer-reviewed publications utilizing Giovanni is growing yearly at an accelerated pace.     However, one of the problems with the scientific usage of Giovanni is that many interesting Giovanni images and related analyses are hard for the general public to find and access.

A new Web page on the GES DISC Web site now offers the opportunity for members of the Giovanni user community to submit interesting images -- which could be related to current events, ongoing research, research ideas, or just something interesting -- for public perusal and comment.    The page currently has images of the Eyjafjallaj√∂kull eruption in Iceland, the unprecedented flooding rains in western Tennessee, and a plot of the Erythemal Daily Dose, which is the intensity of harmful UV radiation, for last year's Memorial Day holiday in the United States. 

Giovanni visualizations generated by the user community

To submit an image to be displayed on the page, create an image with the Giovanni system, and send it to, with an accompanying caption.    The image will be added to the page, and a posting will be made on the NASA Giovanni Facebook group, allowing members of the group to examine and comment on the image.   Images related to upcoming or recently published papers are welcome.


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