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Giovanni Release improves the system, and the user experience

The release of Giovanni provides ongoing improvements for user preferences and system efficiency

Giovanni Release improves the system, and the user experience

Image of MODIS aerosol optical depth from the Eyjafjallajokull eruption, April 15, 2010

Giovanni Release improves the system, and the user experience

Quite a bit of the work on Giovanni goes on "behind the scenes" – GES DISC programmers and developers who work on Giovanni are constantly working to improve the experience of users, and to fix the occasional problems encountered with any complex computational system. 

Thus, many Giovanni users may not have noticed the most recent improvements made to the Giovanni system.   Nonetheless, these improvements are important and they make sure the system keeps working as expected, much like regular maintenance keeps a computer, an automobile, or a home air-conditioning system working as expected.    (And we frequently only notice that it isn't working as expected when something serious happens – and we don't want that to happen for Giovanni.

The Giovanni Release Notes for Release describe these improvements.   Notably,

  • Users can now change the plot range for Correlation Maps;
  • A problem encountered with the wrong color palette and minimum/maximum range for KMZ (Google Earth) files was fixed;
  • New descriptors were put in place for some data products (descriptors are what users see when they click on a data product name in the Giovanni interface);
  • The map server, which provides the maps allowing selection of regions of interest, was switched to a new server;
  • The Map Plot service was given some enhancements to make it ready for the Atmospheric Composition Portal (in development);
  • The map of orbits used in the A-Train Giovanni was fixed to allow better updates of the A-Train satellite constellation orbits;  and
  • A problem that some users encountered when attempting to create time-series plots was also fixed.


We always ask our users to report any problems that they encounter with the use of Giovanni to us as soon as possible, and if you have ideas about improvements to any aspect of Giovanni usage, please send them to us.    We have a lot of projects using Giovanni, so it may take time to implement a suggested improvement that we think will enhance the Giovanni experience, but we are constantly striving to make Giovanni work well for everyone.

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