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Science use of Giovanni increasing in 2012

Giovanni used across a wide spectrum of research topics

Science use of Giovanni increasing in 2012

Image derived from AMSR-E data showing the sea ice minimum extent in summer 2007, subject of a research paper using Giovanni. Sea ice extent is approaching this record minimum extent in August 2012. (Image from NASA Earth Observatory)

Science use of Giovanni increasing in 2012


Over the years since the NASA Giovanni data analysis system first became available – as the scientific community discovered how simple it was to use and how readily it enabled the use of remote-sensing data in the pursuit of answers to diverse research questions – the use of Giovanni has increased remarkably.   One strong measure of its acceptance and its continuing development is the rate at which research publications using Giovanni appear in the scientific literature.   Each time that new research publications using the system have been counted, this publication rate has increased.   Each new compilation thus invites the question – can the publication rate of such papers continue to increase?  
For the most recent compilation, the answer to that question is a definite yes – although the count even found another paper for 2011 (by Kavak and Karadogan, examining the relationship of sea surface temperature and phytoplankton in the Black Sea, published in a special issue of the Journal of Environmental Biology).   So far through mid-August, scientific papers using Giovanni appeared in journals at an average rate of 15 per month – exceeding the rate of 13.75 per month for the full year of 2011.
The use of Giovanni in new research areas and applications was also exciting to witness.   Researchers used Giovanni in research on malaria prediction in Ethiopia; shellfish fishery success in Chile; radioactivity isotopes in smoke from forest fires; climate modeling in West Africa; declining sea ice levels in the Arctic Ocean; and even for the cross-calibration of new remote-sensing satellite instruments.    (See below for brief summaries of these particular research papers).
Also exciting is that the NASA GES DISC, where Giovanni is hosted, will be leading an international science event, the Gregory G. Leptoukh Online Giovanni Workshop, from September 25-27. Authors of several of the papers highlighted above have already indicated that they will give online presentations at this inaugural event.   The workshop will include late evening and early morning sessions for the U.S. Eastern time zone so that researchers in Asia and Australia, as well as Europe, Africa, and the Middle East, can follow the presentations and participate in online chat sessions with the authors.
So, as we look forward to the first-ever Giovanni online science workshop in September, the rapidly growing number of publications to which Giovanni has contributed (now nearing 600 in total) attests to the usefulness of this innovative system to many diverse aspects of Earth science research.
Highlighted papers:
·         Alemayehu Midekisa and his co-authors utilized Giovanni to construct time-series models with remote-sensing data in an effort to create a malaria early warning system for the Ethiopian highlands (Malaria Journal).
·         Tracy van Holt of East Carolina University examined the factors influencing fisher success in southern Chile, for both locos (a benthic gastropod) and congrio (a finfish). (Ecology and Society)
·         Sarah Strode of the USRA and Goddard Space Flight Center, working with three co-authors, analyzed cesium-137 concentrations in smoke from biomass burning in the Northern Hemisphere (Journal of Geophysical Research)
·         Leonard Druyan and Matthew Fulakeza of the Goddard Institute for Space Studies (GISS) employed Giovanni for climate modeling of West Africa and the eastern tropical Atlantic (Chapter 3 in the book Climate Models)
·         University of Maryland-College Park scientists Eric Nussbaumer and Rachel Pinker were aided by Giovanni to analyze the unusual shortwave radiation anomaly that coincided with record low Arctic sea ice levels in 2007. (Geophysical Research Letters)
·         Akihide Kamei led a team in the effort to cross-calibrate the radiometric accuracy of the Remote Sensing Instrument (RSI) on the Formosat-2 satellite, primarily using data from Advanced Spaceborne Thermal Emission and Reflection Radiometer (ASTER). Giovanni provided precipitation data from the Tropical Rainfall Measuring Mission (TRMM) to this endeavor. (IEEE Transactions on Geoscience and Remote Sensing)

New research publications using Giovanni

All of the papers below were found in the most recent compilation. The title links will go to either an abstract page, where a link to the paper may be found, or in some cases directly to a PDF version of the paper.   Depending on where these links are accessed, the actual paper may not be available to read or download at no cost if the journal in which the paper was published has a subscription requirement. In such cases it may be possible to request a copy of the paper from the corresponding author, or a library may be able to obtain a copy of the paper for individual use.
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About Giovanni:
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