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You are here: GES DISC Home News GES DISC releases new home page for Giovanni

GES DISC releases new home page for Giovanni

New page features include new table of data portals, and comprehensive list of data parameters

GES DISC releases new home page for Giovanni

Features on the new Giovanni home page include the data portal table, the Giovanni parameter list, and the News bar

GES DISC releases new home page for Giovanni

The NASA Goddard Earth Sciences Data and Information Services Center (GES DISC) has just released a new home page for the Giovanni data visualization and analysis tool, which provides access to a wide variety of geoscience data using only a Web browser and a connection to the Internet. The new home page will make it considerably easier to find Giovanni data portals with data for specific research interests.   It also provides a complete listing of all of the data parameters that are currently in the extensive Giovanni data holdings.
Visitors to the new Giovanni home page will see three important features of interest. The first feature is the Data Portal “accordion” table.   Giovanni data portals are grouped into related research areas, and the table will display each list of portals simply by placing the cursor on the title of the research area.   Extended descriptions of each portal can be viewed by moving the cursor onto the name of the data portal.   Clicking the link will open the data portal in a new window.
Clicking on the “Giovanni Parameter List” button opens the newest feature on the page, a list of all the individual data parameters available in Giovanni. This list is generated directly from the Giovanni database.   Filtering by data product or source reduces the list of data parameters from the full complement of Giovanni data products, and clicking on a column header will sort the lists alphabetically according to the criterion in that column.    This feature is the first version of the Giovanni Parameter List; there are still inconsistencies in the Giovanni database which may provide unusual results for particular data products or sources.   The Giovanni Parameter List gives the first comprehensive compilation of the remarkable breadth of earth science data that is available for analysis in the Giovanni system.
The third feature is the News bar on the right-hand side of the page, showing recent titles of news articles from the GES DISC pertaining to Giovanni.   This list can be reduced in size, to expand the Giovanni Parameter List, by clicking on the “Hide News” tab.
The GES DISC hopes the new Giovanni home page will provide an improved gateway to the utilization of NASA earth remote sensing data for scientists, students, teachers, and the public.    Comments and questions about the new home page are invited; send a message to

The new home page is located at the URL for Giovanni:


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