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Giovanni-4 takes center stage at the NASA GES DISC

Faster, more capable data exploration system replaces the previous version (Giovanni-3)

Giovanni-4 takes center stage at the NASA GES DISC

Giovanni-4 serves NASA Earth science data and interdisciplinary research with a multitude of analytical options, faster performance, and portability to other NASA data centers. Giovanni-4 will soon be available as open source software.

Giovanni-4 takes center stage at the NASA GES DISC


Starting on September 1st, 2015, the home page of the NASA Geospatial Interactive Online Visualization ANd aNalysis Infrastructure (, more familiarly known as “Giovanni,” has taken on a dramatic new look. The user interface for the new Giovanni-4 system can be found at, replacing the data portal menu that has been the centerpiece of the Giovanni home page. This transition is a major milestone in the development of Giovanni-4 and marks the official decommissioning* of Giovanni-3, which has ably served the NASA geoscience community for many years.

New users of the Giovanni-4 interface will immediately note the absence of the data portals for missions or for related data products (such as precipitation data). Giovanni-4 uses a single “faceted” search engine, as well as a keyword search function, to allow the selection of any of the data products and variables in the NASA Goddard Earth Sciences Data and Information Services Center (GES DISC) data catalog. A desirable aspect of the new search method is that users can display any selected data variables at the same time, rather than having to use different portals to access portal-specific variables. Giovanni-4 thus provides significantly enhanced capabilities to conduct interdisciplinary research with NASA data.

To request specific Giovanni-4 services or data variables, please use the “Feedback” button in the Giovanni-4 interface. For general suggestions regarding GES DISC data and services, please contact our Help Desk,

Giovanni-4 was developed to also allow other data centers and groups to use the system for their specific data products. Giovanni-4 can be installed on “virtual machines” (VMs) at other data centers, allowing them to place their own data in the system, with all the Giovanni-4 analytical functions. The installation of VMs is taking place at several NASA Earth data archives, as part of the Federated Giovanni  Project. Giovanni-4 will also be available as open source software, so organizations outside of NASA can use the software to serve their own data.

The GES DISC is still migrating data products to the new Giovanni-4 system. For that reason, even though the Giovanni-3 data portal menu is no longer be visible, many of the data portals are still available.  For some missions, such as the Atmospheric Infrared Sounder (AIRS), all the data have been migrated to Giovanni-4, in which case, the corresponding Giovanni-3 data portals have been taken offline. Other data portals will continue to be available, until their data are fully migrated and functioning in Giovanni-4. We recommend using browser bookmarks to access the Giovanni-3 portals; if you need assistance in finding a specific portal, please email the GES DISC Help Desk. Teacher and student users of the Data-enhanced Investigations for Climate Change Education (DICCE) portal will find that it has been replaced with a Web page featuring links to the useful climate-related variables that were formerly found in the portal:  Links to DICCE Giovanni variables in Giovanni-4: Monthly.  This page will be updated as more variables useful for climate change education are migrated to Giovanni-4.


Why has Giovanni-3 been “decommissioned”?

Decommissioning of Giovanni-3 was necessary for several reasons. The computer hardware on which Giovanni-3 operated is beyond its normal lifetime, and, thus, presents a significant risk to Giovanni-3.  Furthermore, Giovanni-4 is faster, is easier to maintain, and has an expanded variety of analytical functions. Giovanni-4 can handle larger data volumes and more extensive data analyses than could Giovanni-3.




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