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You are here: GES DISC Home News Final tally of Giovanni publications for 2011 yields unprecedented numbers

Final tally of Giovanni publications for 2011 yields unprecedented numbers

50 new publications push annual total to 164; full total nears 500 with first 2012 papers

Final tally of Giovanni publications for 2011 yields unprecedented numbers

Even the lives of meerkats have been studied with the aid of Giovanni. (Image by - pmartin)

Final tally of Giovanni publications for 2011 yields unprecedented numbers


Updating the count of peer-reviewed publications which have used the NASA Giovanni data analysis system for research is a very pleasant task. It is interesting and exciting to see the diverse types of scientific study that have employed the Earth remote sensing data available in the Giovanni system.   However, the final tally for 2011 entailed considerably more work on this pleasant task than previous updates, because an unprecedented number of publications for the final quarter – 50 – were found with online searching. Added to that was the first count of 2012 publications, numbering 32, requiring a large quantity of research paper citations to be formatted for the growing compilation.
This embarrassment of research riches underscores the remarkable utility of the Giovanni system.   Scientists can use Giovanni to explore and acquire data and images that are the central theme of a research paper, or they can use the system to create graphics and data analyses that augment a study’s main topics.   The online tool has also been used to effectively and rapidly answer critical questions from peer reviewers, according to some of the authors that have described their use of the system.
  • Provided below are short summaries of several papers in the final 2011 updated count that provide an intriguing cross section of research performed with the aid of Giovanni.   Our next summary of Giovanni publications will examine the papers published in early 2012.
The group of meerkats in the accompanying picture illustrates one of the topics of research that used Giovanni.   Several research investigations examined important components of the Earth’s biological realms.
  • English, Bateman, and Clutton-Brock of the University of Cambridge Large Animal Research Group studied the lifetime growth of wild meerkats, which they found was influenced by seasonal and total rainfall amounts in their African environment. (Published in Oecologia)
  • A team from the University of Adelaide, the South Australian Research and Development Institute, and the Australian Antarctic Division examined the foraging behavior of short-tailed shearwaters. One reported result indicated a slightly heightened preference for predation in waters with increased chlorophyll a concentrations. (Published in Austral Ecology)
  • Sergei Sitnov of the Obukhov Institute of Atmospheric Physics, Moscow, published two more papers utilizing Giovanni in 2011, achieving an impressive total of five on the list. Sitnov specializes in examining influences on the atmospheric conditions over the “European” sector of Russia, utilizing MODIS aerosol optical thickness data and other atmospheric data products. (Both papers were published in Izvestiya Atmospheric and Oceanic Physics)
  • Kelektsoglou and Rapsomanikis of the Department of Environmental Engineering, Democritus University of Thrace, acquainted us with the term conurbation (“an aggregation or continuous network of urban communities”) in their study of aerosols over southern Europe. (Published in the International Journal of Remote Sensing)
  • Y.C. Lee led a group of scientists from the City University of Hong Kong, the National Institute for Environmental Studies in Tsukuba, Japan, Goddard Space Flight Center’s David Larko and Thomas Diehl of the University of Maryland – Baltimore County. The group analyzed meteorological influences on dust events affecting Hong Kong.
  • The International Journal of Environmental Protection featured a study by Mishra et al. of how the lives of endangered olive ridley sea turtles are related to oceanographic parameters in the oceans around India.
  • Harald Stark, of the Cooperative Institute for Research in Environmental Studies at the University of Colorado – Boulder, led a collaboration of ten scientists to shed light on how urban night lighting affects air pollutants.   They found that city lights slightly reduce the concentration of nitrate radicals that can break down volatile organic compounds which contribute to ground-level ozone formation.


 NOTE: The links provided below are to either papers or abstracts (if 'PDF' appears in parentheses at the end of the citation, the link is likely to the actual paper).   These links are provided for convenience; NASA does not endorse research journals or individual research publications by providing these links.   The availability of these papers may depend on the purchase of an individual article or journal subscription by members of the public or either academic or public libraries.
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