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Giovanni presentation for AERONET and Climate and Radiation Branch

Presentation describes Giovanni's analysis capabilities for atmospheric aerosol research.

On May 6, Greg Leptoukh of the GES DISC gave a joint seminar to AERONET (GSFC's Center for Aerosol Research) and the Climate and Radiation Branch (Code 613.2), entitled " Giovanni Update: Working with Earth Science Data Online".   Leptoukh described the current state of Giovanni's constantly-expanding set of data analysis and visualization capabilities, highlighting the capabilities that are applicable to aerosol data products from NASA remote-sensing missions.   The presentation included examples of how Giovanni can be used for intercomparison of the Terra-MODIS, Aqua-MODIS, Terra-MISR and Aura-OMI Aerosol Optical Depths (AOD) data products, along with EPA AirNOW PM2.5 (US only) and output from the Goddard GOCART model.  In addition, Leptoukh provided examples from A-Train Data Depot, the first true multi-sensor Giovanni instance, which includes cloud heights measured by Aqua-MODIS, Aqua-AIRS, Aura-OMI, CloudSat, POLDER and Calipso-CALIOP.

The presentation also included a discussion of the important issue of science data quality and how information on the data analysis algorithms is provided in the system.

The presentation is available online from AEROCENTER.    The presentation is a large (16.7 MB) Powerpoint slide presentation:

Giovanni Update:  Working with Earth Science Data Online 



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