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GES DISC participates in AGU Fall Meeting 2013

GES DISC staff members are authors or co-authors on 22 presentations

GES DISC participates in AGU Fall Meeting 2013

The AGU Fall Meeting 2013 will take place in San Francisco, CA, from December 9-13, 2013.

GES DISC participates in AGU Fall Meeting 2013


The annual Fall Meeting of the American Geophysical Union (AGU), held in San Francisco, California, is one of the largest annual scientific meetings in the world.   Scientists from the numerous disciplines that fall under the heading of "geophysics" meet to discuss their research, trade ideas, and learn about investigations, advances, and breakthroughs in many different fields.   NASA, which conducts research in planetary science, space science, and Earth science, is a major participant in this meeting, which takes place December 9-13, 2013.

For many years, the NASA Goddard Earth Sciences Data and Information Services Center (GES DISC) has provided a number of different presentations regarding the data and tools in the GES DISC archive.  This year is no exception - GES DISC staff members are either authors or co-authors on 22 presentations at the meeting.

These presentations are listed in chronological order below.  The titles are linked to the abstracts at the AGU Fall Meeting 2013 Web site.   Following the meeting, first-author GES DISC presentations will be available as Publications on the GES DISC Web site.

Download the AGU Fall Meeting 2013 GES DISC Itinerary (PDF) to read the abstracts for any or all of these presentations. 

 (GES DISC staff members are highlighted in boldface.)


MONDAY, December 9


H11E-1200. Enhancing Access to and Use of NASA Earth Sciences Data via CUAHSI-HIS (Hydrologic Information System) and Other Hydrologic Community Tools
Hualan Rui; Richard Strub; William L. Teng; Bruce Vollmer; David M. Mocko; David R. Maidment; Timothy L. Whiteaker
H11E-1204. A New Open Data Open Modeling Framework for the Geosciences Community (Invited)
Xu Liang; Daniel Salas; Miguel Navarro; Yao Liang; William L. Teng; Richard P. Hooper; Pedro J. Restrepo; Jerad D. Bales
A11I-05. Sensitivity of AIRS and ACOS retrievals to CO2 emissions from biomass burning
Thomas J. Hearty; Andrey K. Savtchenko; Jennifer C. Wei; Arif Albayrak; Bruce Vollmer
IN13A-1548. Implementing an Open Source Document Preservation System at the NASA GES-DISC
Mo G. Khayat; Steven J. Kempler; Barbara DeShong; Ed Esfandiari; James E. Johnson; Irina V. Gerasimov; Michael R. Berganski
IN13B-1571: Application of Digital Object Identifiers to data sets at the NASA Goddard Earth Sciences Data and Information Services Center (GES DISC)
Bruce Vollmer; Dana Ostrenga; James E. Johnson; Andrey K. Savtchenko; Suhung Shen; William L. Teng; Jennifer C. Wei

Tuesday, December 10

IN21D-05. Volume, Variety and Veracity of Big Data Analytics in NASA's Giovanni Tool
Christopher Lynnes; Mahabaleshwara Hegde; Christine Smit; Jianfu Pan; Keith Bryant; Chocka Chidambaram; Peisheng Zhao
A23E-0303. The NASA MEaSUREs-2006 Science Datasets Distributed at GES DISC
Chung-Lin Shie; Gary T. Alcott; Mei-Lin Chen; James E. Johnson; Steven J. Kempler; Guang-Dih Lei; Dana M. Ostrenga; Andrey K. Savtchenko; Suhung Shen; William L. Teng; Elaine Vadnais; Bruce Vollmer; Jennifer C. Wei
A23E-0327. A Satellite Observation Information Service for Data Assimilation Applications
Meemong Lee; Richard J. Weidner; Christopher Lynnes; Irina V. Gerasimov
IN23A-1407. The Path from Large Earth Science Datasets to Information
Gilberto A. Vicente
IN23B-1432. Collaborative workbench for cyberinfrastructure to accelerate science algorithm development
Rahul Ramachandran; Manil Maskey; Kwo-Sen Kuo; Christopher Lynnes
NH23C-1540. Hydrologic Severity-based Forecast System for Road Infrastructure Monitoring
Felipe Hernandez; Lianxia Li; Sricharan Lochan; Xu Liang; Yao Liang; William L. Teng

WEDNESDAY, December 11

IN31C-1516. Exploring NASA Satellite Data with High Resolution Visualization
Jennifer C. Wei; Wenli Yang; James E. Johnson; Suhung Shen; Peisheng Zhao; Irina V. Gerasimov; Bruce Vollmer; Gilberto A. Vicente; Long Pham
A31C-0060. Making NASA Remote Sensing Data Directly Usable in Multiscale Air Quality Models
Steven J. Kempler; Daniel Tong
IN32A-03. Maintaining the momentum of Open Search in Earth Science Data discovery
Douglas J. Newman; Christopher Lynnes
H32F-06. Global Water Maps
David R. Maidment; Fernando Salas; William L. Teng
H33E-1418. Preparing Precipitation Data Access, Value-added Services and Scientific Exploration Tools for the Integrated Multi-satellitE Retrievals for GPM (IMERG)
Dana Ostrenga; Zhong Liu; Steven J. Kempler; Bruce Vollmer; William L. Teng

THURSDAY, December 12

B41A-0375. Enhancing USDA’s Retrospective Analog Year Analyses Using NASA Satellite Precipitation and Soil Moisture Data
William L. Teng; Harlan D. Shannon
H42F-08. Implementing the International Precipitation Working Group (IPWG) Validation Statistics in Online Tools to Inter-compare and Characterize Satellite-derived Global Precipitation Products
Zhong Liu; Dana Ostrenga; William L. Teng; Steven J. Kempler
A43D-0297. Evaluation of Uncertainty in Satellite Monthly Aerosol Products Associated with Spatial Sampling
Suhung Shen; Christopher Lynnes; Andrew M. Sayer; Corey Bettenhausen; Jennifer C. Wei; Bruce Vollmer; Nai-Yung C. Hsu; Steven J. Kempler
A43B-0254. AIRS Version 6 Products and Data Services at NASA GES DISC
Feng Ding; Andrey K. Savtchenko; Thomas J. Hearty; Michael L. Theobald; Bruce Vollmer; Ed Esfandiari

FRIDAY, December 13

IN51A-1539. Performance, Agility and Cost of Cloud Computing Services for NASA GES DISC Giovanni Application
Long Pham; Aijun Chen; Stephen Wharton; Eric L. Winter; Christopher Lynnes
IN53D-1592. Discovering accessibility, display, and manipulation of data in a data portal
Nancy J. Hoebelheinrich; Patrick West; Peter A. Fox; Christopher Lynnes
A52D-06. Long-term dust climatology in the western United States
Daniel Tong; Hang Lei; Julian X. Wang; Pius Lee



Leptoukh Lecture

The annual Leptoukh Lecture on Data Informatics, named in honor of the late Gregory Leptoukh, former GES DISC Data Manager, will be given by Simon Cox of Australia's Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organisation (CSIRO).   Read his biography here.

Thursday 12 December
10:20 AM - 11:20 AM

Moscone South, 103


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