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Participating in the CFI data center survey

Giovanni users are invited to participate in the annual data center user survey, conducted by CFI group on behalf of NASA

During early September 2009, CFI Group is conducting a survey on behalf of the twelve NASA EOSDIS data centers. The questionnaire takes about 10 minutes to complete; optional comment fields are provided to address user concerns. (All responses are recorded anonymously.) Users who have ordered data from the GES DISC, which requires an email address, will receive an email invitation to take the survey. However, because the use of Giovanni does not require an email address, Giovanni users may not receive an invitation.   If you have not received a survey and would like to participate, contact CFI Group at or call 731-623-1329. 
Specify in your message that you wish to take the user satisfaction survey for the GES DISC
Your feedback is VALUABLE and helps us to identify science needs.
Note:  An invitation is required so that the survey information and comments will be compiled for the correct data center. You may submit a questionnaire for other data centers you have utilized, but each survey for each data center requires a separate invitation (i.e., you cannot submit a single questionnaire with comments and responses addressing multiple data centers).

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