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Merged IR data animation of February 10 tornado-spawning Oklahoma storms

The Hurricane Data Analysis Tool provided an impressive view of a tornado-spawning storm event over Oklahoma and Texas on February 10, 2009.

The new capabilties of the Hurricane Data Analysis Tool can provide images of many other weather events than hurricanes.    On February 10, 2009, severe storms broke out over Oklahoma and Texas, spawning tornadoes that caused widespread damage and loss of life.  The Merged IR data set from geostationary satellites shows the progression of this severe storm outbreak.

Step-by-step instructions below the animated image explain how this animated GIF image was created.  Once animations like this are created, they can be downloaded from the site and they will function on a Web page (as shown here) or in a Powerpoint presentation.  Please acknowlege the GES DISC appropriately if such animations are used.


How this animation was created:

  1. Select Merged IR data.
  2. For No. of Images in the animation, select 15.
  3. The following geospatial coordinates were used for the animation above:   North Latitude, 47.0 N;  South Latitude, 27.0 N;   West (Longitude), 108.0 W;   East (Longitude), 80.0 W.
  4. Start Year, 2009;   Start Month, February;   Start Day, 10Start Hour, 23Z;   Start Min, 00.
  5. Click Generate Plot and wait for a short time as the animation is generated.
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