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You are here: GES DISC Home News GES DISC posters and presentations from AGU Fall Meeting available online

GES DISC posters and presentations from AGU Fall Meeting available online

GES DISC themes were data quality, data access, new ways to visualize data, and important applications

GES DISC posters and presentations from AGU Fall Meeting available online

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GES DISC posters and presentations from AGU Fall Meeting available online

If you weren't able to go to the American Geophysical Union 2010 Fall Meeting in San Francisco last December, it is now possible to view the posters and presentations made by staff members of the Goddard Earth Sciences Data and Information Services Center (GES DISC).    A special section on the 2010 Publications page provides the title and a link to each of the presentations,  provided in PDF.  Listed below are the presentations grouped according to the main themes of the GES DISC at the AGU meeting, which is likely the largest annual gathering of geo-scientists in the world.


Data Quality

Lynnes, C., and Leptoukh, G. Ambiguity of Quality in Remote Sensing Data. [View presentation]

Leptoukh, G. Towards Consistent Characterization of Quality and Uncertainty in Multi-sensor Aerosol Level 3 Satellite Data. [View presentation]


Data Access

Lynnes, C.  Data Access Services that Make Remote Sensing Data Easier to Use. [View presentation]

Ostrenga, D., Leptoukh, G., Waliser, D., Liu, Z., and Savtchenko, A.  NASA Giovanni Tool for Visualization and Analysis Support for the YOTC Program. [View poster]

Rui, H., Kato, H., Beaudoing, K., Mocko, D.M., Rodell, M., Teng, W., and Vollmer, B. New and Improved GLDAS and NLDAS data sets and data services at HDISC/NASA. [View poster]


New Ways to Visualize Data

Chen, A., Kempler, S., Leptoukh, G., and Smith, P.  3D Online Visualization and Synergy of NASA A-Train Data using Google Earth. [View poster]

Smith, P., Kempler, S., Leptoukh, G., and Chen, A.  Information Technology Infusion Case Study: Integrating Google Earthtm into the A-Train Data Depot.  [View poster]


Important Applications

Acker, J.G., Kempler, S.J., Teng, W.L., Belvedere, D.R., Liu, Z., and Leptoukh, G.G.  Issues and Solutions for Bringing Heterogeneous Water Cycle Data Sets Together. [View poster]

Kempler, S.J., Teng, W.L., Acker, J.G., Belvedere, D.R., Liu, Z., and Leptoukh, G.G. Results of the Collaborative Energy and Water Cycle Information Services (CEWIS) Workshop on Heterogeneous Dataset Analysis Preparation. [View poster]

Teng, W., and Shannon, H. Retrospective Analog Year Analyses Using NASA Satellite Precipitation and Soil Moisture Data to Improve USDA's World Agricultural Supply and Demand Estimates. [View poster]

Hearty, T.J., Savtchenko, A.K., Won, Y., Theobald, M., Vollmer, B., Manning, E., Smith, P.M., Ostrenga, D., and Leptoukh, G.G. Eight Year Climatologies from Observational (AIRS) and Model (MERRA) data. [View poster]

Liu, Z., Kempler, S., Teng, W.L., Leptoukh, G., and Ostrenga, D.  Community-based Services that Facilitate Interoperability and Intercomparison of Precipitation Datasets from Multiple Sources. [View poster]

Petrenko, M., Ichoku, C.M., and Leptoukh, G.G. Cross-Characterization of Aerosol Properties from Multiple Spaceborne Sensors Facilitated by Regional Ground-Based Observations.  [View poster]

Shen, S., Leptoukh, G.G., and Gerasimov, I. Estimation of Surface Air Temperature from MODIS 1km Resolution Land Surface Temperature over Northern China. [View poster]


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