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A-Train Data Depot enhancements

The GES DISC is pleased to announce Version 2 of the A-Train Data Depot...

The NASA GSFC Earth Sciences (GES) Data and Information Services Center (DISC) is pleased to announce Version 2 of the A-Train Data Depot, now expanded to further process, archive, allow access to, visualize, analyze and correlate distributed atmospheric measurements from A-Train instruments. The ATDD portal provides easy on-line data access and services for science, applications, and educational use so that users get exactly the data they want, and not large files of data that would take much time and effort by individuals to co-register and refine.

Version 2 brings the following enhancements:

  • Visualization of user selected data from the Cloudsat, CALIPSO, MODIS, and AIRS instruments, subsetted and co-registered
  • Co-registered vertical 'curtain' plots for temperature, water vapor, cloud and aerosol products generated by the above instruments
  • Horizontal reference strips that show features +/-100 km from the Cloudsat/CALIPSO vertical curtain (i.e., strip center line)
  • Ability to download visualized co-registered data of interest, original input data, and plots
  • Cloudsat/CALIPSO orbit segment selection map GUI that shows Earths cloud coverage for selected day, using 3 separate map projections
  • Data temporal range is from June, 2006 to present, coincident with the Cloudsat/CALIPSO missions
    Ability to refine initial data plots by changing window size and data range, and zooming in on the horizontal and vertical axis
    Access to archives containing A-Train data of interest.
  • Access to A-Train missions and instruments documentation

In addition, the popular, easy to use, Giovanni data visualization and exploration tool has been expanded to create the co-registered vertical profiles and horizontal strips without losing any of its simple usability appeal.
Please visit the ATDD at:

The ATDD instance of Giovanni can be accessed directly at:

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