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OCEAN COLOR FROM SPACE: North Atlantic Productivity

CZCS Atlantic January CZCS Atlantic February CZCS Atlantic March CZCS Atlantic April CZCS Atlantic May CZCS June
CZCS Atlantic July CZCS Atlantic August CZCS Atlantic September CZCS Atlantic October CZCS Atlantic November CZCS Atlantic December


The annual phytoplankton growth cycle in the North Atlantic basin as shown in this series of monthly climatology composites (top panel: January - June, bottom panel: July - December), begins with the spring bloom at mid-latitudes in the western Atlantic and appears to propagate east and northward as the season progresses, reaching a peak in mid to late Summer. Other seasonal features revealed by this time-series of images are the offshore movement of the Amazon plume during fall and the effects of equatorial upwelling in late summer and fall. Note also the rich waters of the wind-driven upwelling system off northwest Africa. The strong color signature in the North Sea throughout the year may be more a result of suspended sediment and dissolved organic substances than phytoplankton pigment.

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