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The first truly global view of the Earth's biosphere is seen here. The composite image of the ocean chlorophyll concentration was produced from 31,352, 4-km resolution CZCS scenes from November 1978, through June 1981, each of which corresponds to approximately 2 million square kilometers of ocean surface. Nearly 400 billion bytes of raw CZCS data located on more than 12,000, 9-track computer tapes were used to make this image. Land vegetation patterns are derived from three years of daily images from NOAA-7's visible and near infrared sensors (credit: C. J. Tucker, NASA/GSFC). Numbers on the inset show the location of features illustrated in detail on other plates contained in this folder.


czcs_global_key.gif6A - Upwelling Dynamics/Peru
6B - Upwelling Dynamics/Africa
1 - North Atlantic Productivity7A - Ocean Meanders/Agulhas, Africa
2A - Polar Productivity/Arctic7B - Ocean Meanders/Equatorial Pacific
2B - Polar Productivity/Antarctic8A - Coastal Features/Amazon
3A - Western Boundary Currents/Gulf Stream8B - Coastal Features/Patagonia
3B - Western Boundary Currents/Kuroshio8C - Coastal Features/Gulf of Mexico
4 - Mediterranean8D - Coastal Features/Maldives, Indian Ocean
5 - Indian Ocean Monsoon
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