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Download PDF Version of the SeaWiFS Poster Teaching Supplement

A PDF version of the SeaWiFS Poster Teaching Supplement is available.We request that teachers and schools with the capability of downloading and printing the SeaWiFS Poster Teaching Supplement utilize this option.

SeaWiFS Poster Teaching Supplement download

[NOTE:This version of the supplement may list URLs that are no longer functioning.Working URLs relevant to each section of the Teaching Supplement are found below, on this Web page.]

If you would like to request a printed copy of the supplement and a SeaWiFS Project Poster, please send an email message to James Acker.

If you would like to view (or download) the SeaWiFS Project Poster, it is available online at the SeaWiFS Teacher's Resources page. There is a small (425 K) and large (4 MB) version available. Viewing the large version may impact your system resources, and printing it requires a very large sheet of paper!


SeaWiFS Poster Teaching Supplement URLs

SeaWiFS Project

SeaWiFS Instrument and Satellite

Goddard Space Flight Center Earth Sciences Data and Information Services Center/Distributed Active Archive Center (GES DISC/DAAC)

NASA Earth Observatory

General Earth Images

SeaWiFS-related and ocean color-related Education Links at GSFC

SeaWiFS Teacher's Resources

Classic CZCS Scenes

Links Related to Poster Images

Pacific Ocean Image Pair (El Niño)

El Niño/La Niña Watch
El Niño/La Niña and the Pacific Decadal Oscillation:
What is an El Niño?:

Coccolithophorid Bloom, Bering Sea, 25 April 1998

The Bering Sea - Seasons and Cycles of Change
Augustine Island:
Aleutian Trench:
Alaskan Earthquake:

Turnagain Arm: (Synthetic Aperture Radar image)
Tidal bores in Turnagain Arm:

Saharan Dust over the Canary Islands, 6 March 1998

Sahara Desert:
Canary Island volcanoes:

Fires and Smoke Plumes over Mexico,5 June 1998

Indonesian Smoke:
Rain Forest:
Chiapas Rain Forest (Yucatan Peninsula):

U.S. Mid-Atlantic Region, 12 April 1998

High-resolution image
Hudson River Valley image
Chesapeake Bay / Seagrasses:
Delaware Bay / Horseshoe Crabs / Shorebird migration
Estuaries / Estuarine Mixing
Salt Marsh and Estuary:

Eastern Mediterranean and Nile River Delta, 6 April 1998

Nile River Delta:
Ethiopia, the Red Sea, and the Nile River:
Yellow River Delta:
Yangtze River Delta:
Coastal Louisiana
Saline Lakes:

East Coast of Africa, 19 July 1998

SeaWiFS Coral Reef Monitoring
EPA Coral Reef Protection
Coral Reef Species:
Coral Reef Alliance:
Great Dike of Zimbabwe / Great Rift Valley:
Ethiopia, the Red Sea, and the Nile River:
Understanding plate motions (U.S. Geological Survey):
This Dynamic Earth (U.S. Geological Survey online book)
Hominid origins:
Victoria Falls:

Hurricane Bonnie, 25 August 1999

General hurricane information
CAMEX 1998 Campaign - Hurricane Georges (with links to all previous 1998 CAMEX-3 reports):
National Hurricane Center - Tropical Prediction Center (NOAA):
Hurricane Hunters:
Tropical Rainfall Measuring Mission:
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