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Ocean Color Science Focus! is intended to highlight scientific phenomena, noteworthy events, and remarkable images that have been observed by NASA ocean color sensors. These pages display a variety of images, and feature presentations discussing the underlying scientific principles that create or are illustrated by the observed phenomena. References and links are provided on pages that can initiate further investigation of the phenomena or topics that are presented on the page.

Volume I:

SeaWiFS Observes Transport of Asian Dust over the Pacific Ocean
The Charleston Bump - Making Waves in the Gulf Stream
A Clear Day Over the Agulhas Retroflection
The North Atlantic Bloom
Convergence Zones: Where the Action Is

Volume II:

SeaWiFS Views Volcanoes
Various Views of Von Karman Vortices
Dust to Dust
Creeping Dead Zones
SOIREE: A Phytoplankton Party in the Southern Ocean

Volume III:

More Than Meets the Eye
Ethiopia, the Red Sea, and the Nile River
SeaWiFS and Global Warming
The Bering Sea: Seasons and Cycles of Change
Turbidity - Through a Water Column, Darkly

Volume IV:

Fluorescence - That Healthy Glow
O-Three, Can You See?
A Bloom By Any Other Name... Might Never Be a Bloom At All
Ancient Seas, Modern Images
It's Not Easy Being Normal

Volume V:

The Papagayo Wind
SeaWiFS Views Volcanoes: Part 2
The Ras Al Hadd Jet: Stirring the Arabian Sea
An Enlightened View of Calcite in the Ocean with MODIS

Volume VI:

Sea of Marmara: Where Ancient Myth and Modern Science Mix
South Georgia: A View Through the Clouds
Springtime in the Maritimes, and Ghosts of the Past
Bad Bloom Rising
The Low Zone

Volume VII:

Oh Black Water, Keep on Rollin'
After the SOIREE: Testing the Limits of Iron Fertilization
State of (Re)Suspense
The Blue, the Bluer, and the Bluest Ocean
A Very Cold Warm-Core Eddy in the Southern Ocean



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