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Summary and Comments

The preceding demonstration of some basic SeaWiFS data processing operations revealed that the seemingly placid surface of the blue ocean may actually be roiled by powerful and largely invisible ocean currents, which lead to complex and ever-changing biological patterns.SeaWiFS allows a continuous view of the variable movement of water and phytoplankton in the world's oceans, a view that is valuable to researchers pursuing a variety of topics in oceanography today. While SeaWiFS data processing and the algorithms that it employs are still being improved, the current state of SeaWiFS allows a great amount of insight into the complexities of the oceanic realm. For that reason, SeaWiFS data is being used by a large number of researchers in over fifty countries.

This Science Focus! article was definitely not intended to provide a complete tutorial on SeaWiFS data processing and data analysis!The aim of this article was to show that the combination of a sophisticated remote sensing instrument, data from that instrument, and data analysis tools allow researchers to gain a much improved understanding of theoceanic environment. SeaWiFS data can be used in a multitude of applications in marine science and in other environmental science applications.In future Science Focus! articles, other interesting aspects of theEarth's environment as observed by SeaWiFS will be discussed.


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