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GES DISC Interactive Online Visualization and ANalysis Infrastructure (Giovanni) Online Users Manual:  Data Options in Giovanni

DataOptions in Giovanni

Giovanni provides two output options:  graphic plots and ASCII (text) data.   These options are selected with the appropriate buttons at the bottom of the Giovanni interface.

Plotting functions image

The "Reset Form" button will delete all of the spatial/temporal criteria and plotting preferences on the Giovanni interface.

7.1   Graphic Data

The graphic plot options have been described in previous sections.   Each of the graphic plot options — Area Plot, Time Plot, Animation, Hovmöller longitude versus time, andHovmöller latitude versus time plots — are generated by clicking the "Generate Plot" button.  

7.2  ASCII (Text) Data

The "ASCII Output" button provides the option of generating digital text data rather than a graphic plot.   For Area Plots, the ASCII output resolution can be varied between 1.0° and 0.1° using the drop-down menu.   Time Plots provide the data value and the corresponding time period.   This ASCII Output option is demonstrated below.

The Time Plot of chlorophyll concentrations in the North Atlantic Bloom was shown in the "Graphics Options in Giovanni" section.  This is the plot generatedwith the dynamic Y-axis option.

North Atlantic, time plot, chlorophyll concentrations, January-December 2004, dynamic Y

The corresponding ASCII Output for this Time Plot appears below.   The month appears in the lefthand column, and the chlorophyll a concentration appears in the righthand column.

Aqua Chlorophyll_a_concentration

Selected averaging area: lat=[43.0N,46.0N], lon=[56W,50W]

Undefined/Missing Value: -99999

Time(year:month) Chlorophyll_a_concentration(mg/m**3)

2004:01 0.4168

2004:02 0.4760

2004:03 0.5648

2004:04 1.1677

2004:05 1.1204

2004:06 0.4699

2004:07 0.3829

2004:08 0.3722

2004:09 0.5410

2004:10 0.4438

2004:11 0.4602

2004:12 0.3924

The ASCII Output option is very useful for obtaining exact data values, and for generating more sophisticated graphics with other software packages.    A few ideas for adapting Giovanni graphics and data outputinto scientific presentations are described in "Section 8:   Suggestions for  Formatting Graphics and Data for Reports and Publications".

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