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Chapter 4: Distribution of Phytoplankton vs. Temperature

Low concentration of phytoplankton pigment can be retrieved only with a sensor optimized for ocean applications. (Narrow spectral bands and high radiometric sensitivity.) Nimbus 7 CZCS data of March 16, 1979, pertaining to the NW coasat of India off Bombay and further south, has been studied. Ratio image of spectral band 1/3 could reveal the pigment distribution pattern. Distinct features are observed in offshore waters as well. The single channel thermal data when density sliced shows a close resemblance with the pigment distribution pattern, particularly in offshore waters. A set of pigment/temerature maps may reveal the relationship at different times of year at different locations and help in characterizing water masses viz. mixed, stratified, or slope waters depending on the biomass/temperature relationship.

Plate 4

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