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Chapter 2: Internal Waves

Internal waves show a clear signature in the optical spectral band. The nutrient enrichment due to internal wave (IW) phenomenon is followed by phytoplankton growth. Thus the initiation or maturation phase of IW can be characterized with the help of comparison of signature in single optical spectral band, with the one in ratio of blue and green spectral band representing phytoplankton pigment. The Andaman Sea is reported for IW activity and is widely studied. During August the IRS LISS I spectral band 1 (blue band) showed the IW signature whereas the pigment map did not show any IW signature indicating this as the initiation phase. However, May 2, 1992 data showed distinct signature of IW both in blue spectral band as well as in pigment map. This lead to the conclusion that May data represents the maturation phase, i.e. nutrient enrichment is followed by nutrient uptake and phytoplankton growth. Thus different phases of IW activity, which has an important role in productivity due to nutrient enrichment, could be studied using optical data like that of IRS LISS I.

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