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  Consistent Long-Term Aerosol Data Records over Land and Ocean from SeaWIFS project Sample Image

Feb 06, 2012 - New Version of Long-Term Aerosol Data from SeaWiFS Data Now Available

Aerosol data products span the length of the SeaWiFS mission (1997-2010)

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The aim of the DeepBlue Utilization of SeaWiFS through the Data and Information Services Center (DUST-DISC) project is to create a well-calibrated, accurate and coherent long term aerosol dataset for quantitative evaluation on regional and global scales. This dataset is a critical component of the information needed to form a consensus among the science community and policy makers regarding the impact of anthropogenic aerosols on the global radiative budget.

This project will produce global aerosol products by applying the Deep Blue algorithm to SeaWiFS and MODIS measurements and these datasets will then be used to synergize the AVHRR and TOMS aerosol data by taking advantage of overlapping years as a transfer standard for earlier years. The Deep Blue algorithm utilizes the blue-wavelength measurements of SeaWiFS and MODIS to infer properties of aerosols over both land and ocean areas of the globe.


This project is funded by the NASA's MEaSUREs Program:  Making Earth System Data Records for Use in Research Environments. 

Martha Maiden, Program Executive

Hal Marring, Program Scientist


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Latest News

Two data views of Hurricane Gaston, August 30, 2016:  Cloud Top Temperature (left) and Precipitation Rate (right)
Aug 31, 2016 - More users sought for Blink UX - NASA DAAC study

Examining experiences with the use of data from multiple DAACs

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Saharan dust reaches South America in April 2008.  The MODIS aerosol optical depth data is visualized with a color palette available in Giovanni.
May 13, 2016 - The April 2016 issue of The Giovanni News is online

Giovanni 4.19, featured research papers, and sea cucumbers are discussed

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After successfully serving the Earth science community for several years, the Giovanni-3 system will be shutdown on March 31, 2016.
Mar 18, 2016 - Giovanni-3 End of Service

Completion of transition to Giovanni-4 set for March 31

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Certificate awarded to Kang et al. for the image selected to the 2nd Class of the Giovanni Image Hall of Fame. Their image displayed maps created with Giovanni of MODIS aerosol optical depth and cloud data over China.
Feb 23, 2016 - Announcing the 2nd Class of the Giovanni Image Hall of Fame

12 images selected for scientific interest and graphic presentation

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This huge dust storm over the Middle East, shown in a March 18, 2012 MODIS image, is the subject of a 2015 paper that utilized MODIS data available in Giovanni.
Feb 18, 2016 - Giovanni publications from the latter half of 2015

Final compilation counts 231 papers in peer-reviewed journals using Giovanni

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