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OMI NO2 Reprocessed Data (Version 3.0) released

Full Set of Reprocessed Version 3.0 OMNO2 Standard Product available from the NASA GES DISC

OMI NO2 Reprocessed Data (Version 3.0) released

OMI NO2 data can help locate sources and estimate sizes of wildfires, such as these fires occurring in Portugal, observed in August 2016.

OMI NO2 Reprocessed Data (Version 3.0) released


The NASA Goddard Earth Sciences Data and Information Services Center (GES DISC), in partnership with members of the Aura/Ozone Measuring Instrument (OMI) science team, announce the availability of the full data set of the reprocessed OMNO2 Standard Product, which indicates atmospheric nitrogen dioxide (NO2) concentrations. OMNO2 data are available as Level 2 (orbital swath) data.  The OMNO2G data product is a special Level 2 data product where the pixel level data are binned into 0.25o x 0.25o  global grids without averaging. OMNO2d data are Level 3 data products created with pixel level data of good quality, binned and "averaged" into 0.25o x 0.25o degree global grids.    


The data set landing pages are provided below. 

Improvements to the OMNO2 data product

The current Version 3.0 of the OMI NO2 standard product improves on the retrievals in the previously published version 2.1 (July 2012) in a number of significant ways.  The major improvements include: (1) an improved spectral fitting algorithm for retrieving slant column densities, including the use of monthly mean solar spectral irradiances;  and (2) improved resolution (1o latitude and 1.25o longitude) a priori NO2 profiles from Global Modeling Initiative chemistry-transport model with yearly varying emissions. 

The improvements are described in the updated OMNO2 ReadMe document (Version 7), which is available under "Documentation" on the OMNO2 data set landing pages.


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