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MEaSUREs'12 AIRS-CloudSat matchup indices

MEaSUREs'12 AIRS-CloudSat matchup indices v4.0 now available

MEaSUREs'12 AIRS-CloudSat matchup indices

AIRS IR and AMSU footprints, and CloudSat track matching.

MEaSUREs'12 AIRS-CloudSat matchup indices

The Goddard Earth Sciences Data and Information Services Center (GES DISC) is announcing the availability of Atmospheric Infrared Sounder (AIRS)-CloudSat matchup indices (AIRS_CPR_IND) Version 4.0. This data set is part of the "Multi-Sensor Water Vapor, Temperature and Cloud Climate Data Record" project with Principal Investigator Eric Fetzer.  The project is funded by the Making Earth System Data Records for Use in Research Environments program.

The newly released data are in NetCDF4 format, and currently extend the record to January 2015, starting in June 2006 when the CloudSat data set commences. This new effort will incorporate cloud information from the Moderate Resolution Imaging Spectroradiometer (MODIS), AIRS/Advanced Microwave Sounding Unit (AMSU), the Microwave Limb Sounder (MLS), and the Advanced Microwave Scanning Radiometer (AMSR-E) in addition to CloudSat and Cloud-Aerosol Lidar and Infrared Pathfinder Satellite Observations (CALIPSO) data. The new record will include every water vapor and temperature observation from AIRS/AMSU, MLS and AMSR-E over the 10-year A-Train constellation lifetime.


Search tools, data access, and additional information are available from the product page

Questions on these and other data holdings can be sent to the GES DISC Help Desk.

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