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Visible Radiance

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Visible Radiance is the intensity of visible radiation. In radiometry, a measure of the intrinsic radiant intensity emitted by a radiator in a given direction. Radiance is measured in watts per square meter per steradian.
Visible Radiation refers to electromagnetic radiation capable of evoking the sensation of vision in a normal human observer. The indefinite range of wavelengths of visible radiation is between 400 and 700 nm. Radiance is a radiometric term for the rate at which radiant energy in a set of directions confined to a unit solid angle around a particular direction is transferred across unit area of a surface (real or imaginary) projected onto this direction.


(1) Algorithm development (4) Global energy budget
(2) Vegetation Index (5) Surface energy budget
(3) Remote sensing image classification  

GES DISC Datasets

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Parameter Units Platform /Instrument Data Products
Begin Date End Date Data Access Doc
Visible Radiance   Aqua/AIRS 2002-08-30 Current AIRVBRAD Y
TRMM/VIRS 1997-12-07 Current TRMM_1A01 Y
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