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CH4, Marsh Gas


Methane, a colorless and inflammable gas, is most abundant in the troposphere
Methane is a strong greenhouse gas and an important source of stratospheric water vapor that contributes to global warming. The concentration of methane has doubled since pre-industrial times. The atmospheric mixing ratio of methane is currently about 1.7 parts per million. This increase is attributed to the intensified human activity in the agriculture, biomass burning, and fossil fuel consumption. The atmospheric lifetime of methane is about eight years. It reacts with atmospheric hydroxyl(OH) in the troposphere froming the formaldehyde (HCHO),carbon monoxide(CO) and Ozone (O3).


(1) Atmospheric Chemistry Models (5) Tracer of Air Motions
(2) Air Quality (6) stratosphere-troposphere exchange
(3) Monitoring of Biomass Burning (7) Climate Change
(4) Health and Environment  

GES DISC Datasets

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ParameterUnitsPlatform /InstrumentData Products
Begin DateEnd DateData AccessDoc
Methane (CH4) ProfilesvmrAura/HIRDLS2004-07-15CurrentHIRDLS2Y
Aqua/AIRS2002-08-30CurrentAIRS Level2Y
AIRS Level3Y
Methane (CH4) Column Densitymolecules/cm2Aqua/AIRS2002-08-30CurrentAIRS Level2Y
AIRS Level3Y
Methane (CH4) Profiles, mixing ratios at different pressure levels (Global Gridded, at equal intervals of latitude/or equal intervals of time)vmrAura/HIRDLS2004-07-15CurrentHIRDLS2 Y

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