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Cloud Fraction

Other Names

Cloud Cover, Cloud Amount, Cloud Presence, Cloud Frequency


The fraction of the sky that is covered by the cloud; also referred as Cloud Amount or Cloud Cover.
Cloud Fraction or Cloud Cover is defined as the number of cloudy pixels divided by the total number of pixel.It also refers to the amount of sky estimated to be covered by a specific cloud type (cirrus, contrail, cirrostratus,cumulus,--),cloud particle phase(water,ice,liquid, mixed), cloud height (low, mid, high) or by all cloud types (total cloud fraction). Cloud differs from fog only in that the latter is, by definition, close (a few meters) to the earth's surface.


(1) Surface energy budget (6) Global warming
(2) Global energy budget (7) Agriculture
(3) Climate change (8) Aviation
(4) Weather Prediction (9) Navigation
(5) Greenhouse effect (10) Polar Wind estimates

GES DISC Datasets

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Parameter Units Platform /Instrument Data Products
Begin Date End Date Data Access Doc
Cloud Fraction at ground pixel resolution None Aura/OMI 2004-08-15 Current OMCLDRR Y
Aqua/AIRS 2002-08-30 Current AIRX2RET Y
Cloud Fraction daily/weekly/monthly averages, global 1x1 deg grids percent Aqua/AIRS 2002-08-30 Current AIRS Level3 Y
NOAA/TOVS 1978-11-30 1995-07-05 NOAA/TOVS Y

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