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Chlorine Nitrate

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Chlorine Nitrate (ClONO2) is of importance as a reservoir species (more abundant stable compound) for reactive chlorine and nitrogen in the lower and middle stratosphere.
It is formed in the molecular reaction of ClO with NO2 and is destroyed via photolysis by near-UV solar radiation. ClONO2 reacts rapidly with HCl on polar stratospheric clouds and aerosol particles during polar night and provides active chlorine, which depletes local ozone.


(1) Atmospheric Chemistry Models (3) Polar Atmospheric Processes
(2) Monitoring of Ozone Layer (4) Tropospheric-Stratospheric Exchanges

GES DISC Datasets

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Parameter Units Platform /Instrument Data Products
Begin Date End Date Data Access Doc
Profiles of ClONO2 at ground pixel resolution mixing ratio Aura/HIRDLS 2004-07-15 Current HIRDLS2 Y
Profiles of ClONO2 , global gridded mixing ratio Aura/HIRDLS 2004-07-15 Current   Y
UARS/CLAES 1991-10-25 1993-05-05 UARCL3AT Y
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