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Carbon Dioxide

Other Names

CO 2


Carbon Dioxide (CO2) is a colorless, odorless, incombustible gas. Its dissolution in seawater is important to understanding the global carbon cycle.
Atmospheric CO 2 traps infrared radiation and plays major role in the Global warming. It has increased about 25 percent since the early 1800s, with an estimated increase of 10 percent since 1958. Burning fossil fuels is the leading cause of increased CO 2.


(1) Climate change (3) Ocean chemistry
(2) Earth radiation budget (4) Air-sea gas exchange

GES DISC Datasets

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Parameter Units Platform /Instrument Data Products
Begin Date End Date Data Access Doc
CO2 profile ( at different atmospheric pressure levels), pixel resolution vmr Aqua/AIRS 2002-08-30 Current AIRX2SUP Y
UARS/HALOE 1991-10-11 2005-11-21 UARHA2FN Y
CO2 profile ( at different atmospheric pressure levels), global at equal interval of time vmr UARS/HALOE 1991-10-11 2005-11-21 UARHA3AT Y

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