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Aerosol Radiance

Other Names

Scattering Contribution, Mie Contribution, Aerosol Contribution, Atmospheric Radiance


It is the radiance contribution due to Aerosol scattering to the observed earth-atmosphere radiances (as measured by satellite).
The satellite viewing a surface (e.g ocean) receives radiance contributions from different sources. These include contribution due to Rayleigh scattering, aerosol scattering (Mie scattering), solar glint, sea foam/whitecap and surface/water leaving radiances. Aerosol Radiance contributions depend on wavelength and size distribution of aerosol particles.


(1) Atmospheric correction of remotely sensed surface features (4) Health and Environment
(2) Radiative Transfer Model (5) Earth Radiation Budget
(3) Air Quality (6) Climate Change

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