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Aerosol Extinction Profiles

Other Names

Extinction Coefficient


It is a measure of attenuation of the light passing through the atmosphere due to the scattering and absorption by aerosol particles.
Extinction coefficient is the fractional depletion of radiance per unit path length (also called attenuation especially in reference to radar frequencies). It has units of km-1. The integrated extinction coefficient over a vertical column of unit cross section is called aerosol optical depth or optical thickness.


(1) Atmospheric correction of remotely sensed surface features (5) Air Quality
(2) Monitoring of sources and sinks of aerosols (6) Health and Environment
(3) Monitoring of volcanic eruptions and forest fire (7) Earth Radiation Budget
(4) Radiative Transfer Model (8) Climate Change

GES DISC Datasets

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Parameter Units Platform /Instrument Data Products
Begin Date End Date Data Access Doc
Aerosol Extinction Profiles km -1 Aura/HIRDLS     HIRDLS2 Y
Aerosol Extinctions Profiles for 2.45, 2.80, 3.40, 3.46, and 5.26 μm ( at 32 to 200 atmospheric levels) km -1 UARS/HALOE 1991-10-11 2005-11-21 UARHA2FN Y
Aerosol Extinctions Profiles for 780, 790, 840, 880, 925, 1257, 1605, and 1897 cm-1 ( at 20 atmospheric levels) km -1 UARS/CLAES 1991-10-25 1993-05-05 UARCL3AL Y
Aerosol Extinction Profile for 6.23 μm (at 25 atmospheric levels), and for 12.1 μm ( at 9 atmospheric levels) km -1 UARS/ISAMS 1991-09-26 1992-07-29 UARIS3AL Y

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