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Aerosol Angstrom Exponent

Other Names

Aerosol Angstrom Coefficient


It is an exponent that expresses the spectral dependence of aerosol optical thickness (τ) with the wavelength of incident light (λ).
The spectral dependence of aerosol optical thickness can be approximated (depending on size distribution) by,
τa = β λα   where   α   is Angstrom exponent (β = aerosol optical thickness at 1 μm)

Angstrom exponent (computed from τ measurements on two different wavelengths) can be used to find τ on another wavelength using the relation.


The Angstrom exponent provides additional information on the particle size(larger the exponent, the smaller the particle size), aerosol phase function and the relative magnitude of aerosol radiances at different wavelengths.


(1) Computation of Aerosol Optical Depth at Different Wavelengths (3) Radiative Transfer Model
(2) Characterization of Aerosol Types (4) Earth Radiation Budget Study

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