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TRMM Composite Climatology

One of the main goals of the Tropical Rainfall Measuring Mission (TRMM) has been to accurately define the climatological surface rainfall in the tropics. This TRMM Composite Climatology (TCC) consists of a merger of selected TRMM rainfall products over both land and ocean to give a "TRMM-best" climatological estimate. There are 78 data files in this TCC product suite: 13 each (annual and month-of-year) for 2A12, 2A25, 2B31, 3B43, TCC, and standard deviation of TCC.

This tool is a prototype that allows visualization of the entire product suite with overlay of different parameters. Additional functions allow plotting scatter diagrams, time series, etc. See the FAQ for further usage on this tool. Questions and comments can be sent to The data will be ingested into the permanent archive and provided through our Mirador and other services here at the GES DISC, but can be accessed in a temporary ftp location until then at

To use the basic application with less data products please visit:

TRMM Composite Climatology
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