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Data Holdings


Data Product

Select a product from the drop down list and it will display the data information and access methods. To use the non-javascript version go to the non-javascript product page.

Product Information

Shortname: GPM_1AGMI
Description: The strength of the 1AGMI product is that it has unaltered data straight from the satellite. This product can be used to show exactly what was recorded by the GMI instrument.The 1AGMI product also contains all of the data sent down by the satellite. If there is enough bandwidth, the entire circle of GMI samples will be sent down. The 1AGMI products swaths 4 and 5 contain all of the samples that are sent down. Later products only use the subset of these data that contains the Earth view, hot load, and cold sky samples.

Click Here for the GPM_1AGMI Product Information Page


Caveats For Use of GPM GMI and Partner L1 Data 6/16/2014
The GPM project science office is pleased to announce a preliminary release of GPM Microwave Imager (GMI) L1 (L1B, L1Base, L1C) and GPM Partner Radiometer data to the General Public. This is not the final data stream. As such, we would like for all Users to keep the following in mind while using the data.

1. Intercalibration of the 1C products from partner radiometers is still being done with the at-launch approach which uses TMI as the calibration reference standard. That is, TMI and GMI, currently have different absolute calibrations.
2. Some RFI and moon intrusions into the cold load are still being worked on. Other issues may also be present so Science Team members are urged to immediately report any artifacts in the data.
3. Users should refrain from publishing using this data as it is likely to change. Reprocessed data will be made available with a more refined calibration in September 2014.

Data Access Methods


A simplified, clean interface and employs the Google mini appliance for metadata keyword searches.

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Data Visualization Tools

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