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warn_icon.gif IMPORTANT MESSAGE Sep 23, 2016    OCO-2 Post-anomaly Data Status   

The OCO-2 instrument experienced an anomaly that interrupted routine operations at 4:28 UTC on August 10, 2016 (Orbit 11212). The cause of the anomaly was resolved, and the instrument recovery process was initiated on August 14 by conducting a standard, week-long decontamination cycle.  The decontamination cycle was completed, and the instrument’s optical bench and detectors were at their nominal operating temperatures on 21 August (Orbit 11376). An initial analysis of the data indicated that, while the instrument was working nominally for science observations, its on-board calibration mechanism had not initialized properly, and was out of alignment, precluding the routine production and delivery of calibrated science data products.  The calibrator alignment issue was diagnosed and resolved on 20:34 UTC on September 15, 2016.  After validating the quality of the data, the standard version 7 (v7) forward streams for L1B and L2 data were reinitiated on September 20, 2016 (Orbit 11815). 

There will be a permanent data gap from August 10 (Orbit 11212) to August 21 (Orbit 11376) because no science observations were collected during that period.  The L1B and L2 science data collected between August 21 and September 20, while the calibrator was not aligned properly, will not be processed as part of the forward v7 data stream, but will be processed as part of the August and September retrospective products (v7r).  These data will be processed using a non-standard calibration product. Users should report any issues that they encounter with these data.

The A-Train Data Depot (ATDD) has been developed to process, archive, allow access to, visualize, analyze and correlate distributed atmospheric measurements from A-Train instruments.  The ATDD portal provides easy on-line data access and services for science, applications, and educational use so that users get exactly the data they want, and not large files of data which would take much time and effort by individuals to be co-registered and refined.


Choi-wan Snapshot from GoogleEarth



On September 15, 2009, the A-Train formation happened to fly over the super-typhoon Choi-wan. Just one such event can yield enormous amounts of data of various science content and format from the diverse A-Train sensors.  Plotting quickly  retrievals like cloud profiles, cloud top temperatures, rain rates,  water vapor content, etc.,  for head-to-head previews, is the strength of the Giovanni  web tool. An example of the  tool output is shown on the left. Apart from these 2-dimensional plots, Giovanni provides KMZ (GoogleEarth) format of the vertical atmospheric profiles (far left). Thus, it is now possible to combine horizontal and vertical data layers in one three-dimensional object, and preview data from different geometrical aspects. The far left plate shows a snapshot from a GoogleEarth KMZ file where CloudSat profiles are pictured together with MODIS/Aqua true-color image, and AMSR-E rain rate.

(Download the KMZ). 











A-Train Data Depot: 


Latest News

OMI NO2 data can help locate sources and estimate sizes of wildfires, such as these fires occurring in Portugal, observed in August 2016.
Sep 19, 2016 - OMI NO2 Reprocessed Data (Version 3.0) released

Full Set of Reprocessed Version 3.0 OMNO2 Standard Product available from the NASA GES DISC

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Monthly zonal mean for January 2005 of MLS BrO observations for three datasets discussed in Millán et al. (2012).  Both ascending (mainly daytime) and descending (mainly nighttime) phases of the orbit are shown.
Aug 19, 2016 - BrO and HO2 pre-average radiances products

Data acquired by the Microwave Limb Sounder on the Aura satellite

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AIRS IR and AMSU footprints, and CloudSat track matching.
Jul 07, 2016 - MEaSUREs'12 AIRS-CloudSat matchup indices

MEaSUREs'12 AIRS-CloudSat matchup indices v4.0 now available

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This huge dust storm over the Middle East, shown in a March 18, 2012 MODIS image, is the subject of a 2015 paper that utilized MODIS data available in Giovanni.
Feb 18, 2016 - Giovanni publications from the latter half of 2015

Final compilation counts 231 papers in peer-reviewed journals using Giovanni

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Giovanni-4 serves NASA Earth science data and interdisciplinary research with a multitude of analytical options, faster performance, and portability to other NASA data centers. Giovanni-4 will soon be available as open source software.
Sep 01, 2015 - Giovanni-4 takes center stage at the NASA GES DISC

Faster, more capable data exploration system replaces the previous version (Giovanni-3)

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