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Our A-Train collections of MODIS and OMI subsets collocated with CloudSat and MLS
Use keywords to find data quickly in a Google-like interface.
Download subsetted and collocated MODIS/Aqua data along CloudSat ("MAC*") and MLS ("MAM*")from our available online collections.


CloudSat and CALIPSO data access
CloudSat Data Processing Center at Cooperative Insitute for Research in Atmosphere (CIRA), Colorado State University.
Atmospheric Science Data Center at NASA Langley Research Center (LaRC)


All POLDER products, and Level 1 PARASOL from CNES, France .
PARASOL Level 2 and Level 3 from ICARE, France.


Data Discovery

If you're not sure what A-Train or other data you want or what A-Train data we have, use the following to assist you.

Explore our A-Train data in your Web browser through visualizations and analysis without having to download the data. To learn more, start here.
Though not specifically for A-Train, we do have short descriptions of importantgeophysical parameters with links to the associated datasets.

Other Data Centers

Links to other data centers.




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