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A-Train Data Depot (ATDD) Latest News

 Aqua News:

  • The reprocessing of three years of MODIS/Aqua will begin in Summer 2005. Radiances, geolocations, cloud mask, and profiles are all of improved quality.

Aura News:

  • 05.26.05: Aura MLS data available
    The first release of Aura MLS level 1 and 2 data (version 1.5.1) is now available at the GSFC DAAC.
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  • 04.29.2005: OMI Version 2 Available
    The Aura OMI level 2 total ozone data product OMTO3 (based on enhanced TOMS V8 algorithm) is now available to the public. The data are accessible from the DAAC anonymous ftp datapool and web ordering system. Other OMI products will be made public in the coming months.
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  • 05.20.05: CALIPSO Spacecraft Arrives at Vandenberg! + View the pictures
  • 03.30.05: Information on element A.10 of the ROSES-05 NRA is available in the "Science Team" section under "Resources." + NRA Information

ClouldSat News:

  • 05.02.05: The CloudSat spacecraft arrived at Vandenberg AFB (California) from Ball Aerospace & Technologies Corp., Boulder, Colorado.. Following final tests, it will be integrated onto a Boeing Delta II launch vehicle, sharing its ride into orbit later this year with CALIPSO.
  • Proposals to Program Element A.10 "CloudSat and CALIPSO Science Team and Modeling/Analysis of A-Train Related Data" of the NASA Research Announcement "Research Opportunities in Space and Earth Sciences - 2005" (ROSES-2005) are due 1 July 2005. See (select "Solicitations" and then "Open Solicitations").


  • 01.18.05: First PARASOL images can be seen on web site. + View image
  • 12.18.04: PARASOL has been launched successfully by Arianne 5 ( flight 165).





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