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MODIS/Aqua subsets along MLS and CloudSat tracks in MIRADOR

MIRADOR user interfaceMODIS/Aqua subsets along MLS and CloudSattracks are now available through a broad range of search and download scenarios offered by the GES DISC web interface Mirador. Thus A-Train Data Depot (ATDD) demonstrates first the utility of data archiving, search and download using technology entirely developed at GES DISC.

Important Note: Given ATDD supports MODIS/Aqua subsets along MLS and CloudSat,theavailability of the subsets will be constrained to the period starting from June 2005, and June 2006, respectively.

What separates Mirador from usual interfaces is its extreme simplicity and the speed of delivering of search results. Furthermore, the implementation of event Gazetteer allows the goal of the search to be entered as a Name of Locationand/or Event. This means that if Users need data covering a Hurricane, all they need is to enter the data keyword and the name of the Hurricane. If Users investigate local impacts a tropical storm had over certain state, they will enter just both, the name of the storm and the state, and Mirador will do the rest. Users don't have to go through old news papers to recall the storm timing and track, don't have to enter tedious coordinates and dates, and can be at the data download stage in a matter of seconds.

Still, for those Users who have their list of coordinates of ground validation stations, or of the track of some event not in the Mirador Gazetteer data base, Mirador will accept this list and execute the search against it.

Introducing ATDD MODIS/Aqua subsets through Mirador is expected to further facilitate the utilization of MODIS/Aqua data in the scientific pursuit established by NASA'sA-Train mission.

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